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PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 11:25 pm
Another iOS King of Fighters game came out yesterday! The King of Fighters Encounter is like a KOF mingame/streetpass style app. It 't kinda like a turn based fighter.

I'm guessing that the streetpass function isn't going to work on my iPod Touch unless I'm in a WiFi area, but this is still really fun.
It has local city, state, country and worldwide rankings.

I got the game soon after it was released, it was funny to see myself ranked at something like 8th in the world, and now after one day my main character (King) is ranked 628th in the world. It stores a different ranking for each character you use, not just overall. My Joe Higashi character only has 2 wins and is ranked 3850th worldwide, so that may be an indication of total users, IDK.

Anyways, its fun and free, try it! Here's the App Store link.

Here's some screenshots:

 The King of Fighters Encounter

 KOF Encounter Skill Screen

 KOF Encounter Character Select

 KOF Encounter Saiki Boss Battle

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