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PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:18 pm
We now have an IRC channel on SlashNET.

Channel #arcadeperfect

If you didn't know, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. In order to get to the chat, you need a chat client.
There are many different clients to choose from.
This post will show you how to use XChat. (Windows users)
Download the XChat client HERE. (1MB)
run the .exe
You should get a screen like this:

 XChat Network List
For Nick Name, put what you want your name to be.
For User Name and Real Name, just put whatever you want, don't put your actual real name though.
For Networks, pick SlashNET and then press connect.
Choose #arcadeperfect when it asks for a channel.

If your firewall asks, allow it access.
HERE is an XChat startup guide.
HERE is a general list of IRC commands.
If you have a Mac, try THIS client.

Once you are in, you can register your nickname if you want, so that no one else can use it.

If you want to learn moar about IRC, check out this Encyclopedia Dramatica article.
If you decide to use IRC, remember to leave it running at all times (idle), cause that's how you get more internet points.


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