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PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 4:22 pm
I just found this site a little while back, it's got a giant ton of useless obscure Street Fighter knowledge. It's pretty neat if you're a SF fan.

They have stuff like this:
 Alex Hugo Wrestlemania
Street Fighter Miscellany wrote:Alex and Hugo squaring off in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike is a pastiche of Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant's famous stare-down at Wrestlemania III, in front of over 90,000 fans at Michigan's Pontiac Silverdome. As mentioned previously, Hugo's design is based more or less on Andre the Giant and Alex certainly has something of Hulk Hogan about him (American patriot, red bandana, blonde hair [albeit more of it!] the shirt-rip intro).

 M. Bison Stage
Street Fighter Miscellany wrote:A door on the white building situated at the far right of M. Bison's World Warrior stage is revealed using the coin-op's scroll test. During gameplay the scenery is cropped before this point so it is never normally visible. Perhaps this building is where they store all the replacement heads for the stage's highly precarious and oft-broken statues! As a general note, Complete File: Street Fighter II gives the location of this setting as the Ramayana Temple in Bangkok's Grand Palace.

Street Fighter Miscellany wrote:Bison's Dolls are a group of twelve brainwashed young women who act as his elite personal guard. They are each named after a calendar month in their respective native languages. Cammy is a former member of the group, where she was known as Killer-Bee and cloned from M. Bison's own genetic material. Later she (re)gains self-awareness and is rescued by Delta Red in England. The remaining dolls are, from left to right: Février, Aprile, Xiayu, Satsuki, Juni, März, Santamu, Noembelu, Decapre and Juli. Not pictured are Enero and Jianyu, both of whom play a more important role in Udon's Street Fighter comic. Juli and Noembelu were both kidnapped from T. Hawk's Thunderfoot tribe and Juli (real name Julia) is T. Hawk's lover. T. Hawk fights to rescue them from Bison's mental clutches. Due to their physical resemblence, Decapre is thought to be either a prototype or a clone of Cammy, an idea furthered by the Udon comic series.

It just goes on and on....

Who's this guy?!
If you guessed M. Bison/Vega you'd be wrong! It's Yasunori Katō!

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